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Gitzels Plant Nursery: rooted in the West Frisian clay, now an international supplier of young plants for professional seed companies, breeding stations and vegetable growth.

Living up to what we promise while always trying to push our performances a bit further, that's our strength. With an eye for innovation and customer care, we act in accordance with our core values: honesty, reliability and development.

At Gitzels a fantastic team of experienced and committed people is working every day to get the best results, delivered as promised.


Who we are

Curious about us? Watch our short documentary to learn more.

Research and Development

At Gitzels we are always on the lookout for innovative ideas. In 2016 we started up a new department dedicated to this interest: Research and Development. Led by Matthijs Woestenburg, this department revolves around the question: how can we do better?

In joint effort with our customers and suppliers we try to improve on practices such as climate control, fertilization, organic cultivation and crop protection

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quote iconBroccoli seedlings vibrant green colour is a sign that spring has arrivedquote icon
Matthijs Woestenburg
quote iconThe greatest gift is genuine carequote icon
William Gitzels
quote iconThese plants are completely in our hands and we spend every day taking care of themquote icon
Matthijs Woestenburg
quote iconIt's just awesome to think that we're contributing to a large part of all vegetables in the Netherlandsquote icon
Matthijs Woestenburg
quote iconLiving up to what we promise is very important to usquote icon
David Baas
quote iconIt truly is a group process by an amazing teamquote icon
William Gitzels