Energy Combination Andijk (ECA)

In association with ECW (a local multi-utility power company specialized in sustainable energy) and 11 greenhouse horticulture companies from Het Grootslag we've successfully installed a geothermal heat pump. As of February 2019 we are able to meet 60% of our energy requirements by using geothermal heat.

Seed Valley

Seed Valley is a close cooperation between plant breeding and seed technology companies in North Holland. Gitzels has been a proud member for over 10 years. Over the years our breeding services have proven to be a valuable contribution to development of new technology and high-quality varieties for vegetables and flowers.


We think working as a team makes things better. To support our sportsloving village we have been a proud sponsor of our local soccer club VVW since 2012.


As sellers of propagation material we are members of Dutch sector organization Plantum.

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