Breeding services

From the heart of Seed Valley we have been helping surrounding seed companies with a range of growing services for over 30 years. Improving means of communication and transport enabled us to step up to the global market, for example by offering international consultancy.

Due to rapid developments within the seed sector companies have grown into high-tech facilities. Within those developments Gitzels' services have become increasingly more important. We offer steady quality necessary for practices such as:

  • Germination trials, 
  • Breeding programs, 
  • Grow-outs for tomato and peppers, 
  • Seedlings for seed production (GSPP certificated)
  • Disease trials
  • LED Research Services
  • Consultancy
  • Sharing knowlegde with growers in less developed areas. 

Outsourcing cultivation not only yields a saving in expenses but above all covenience, flexibility and certainty.


Tailored to your needs

As a supplier of high-quality propagation material, we make a valuable contribution to professional seed companies, breeding stations and vegetable growth. Get in touch to find out what we can do for your company.

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